MEDView DV3 Airway scope


We now provide a 5-year warranty with our equipment and have two service plans to choose from based on your usage.

 NEW state-of-the-art, laser-compatible titanium distal tip provides superb image quality and durability. The MEDView DV3 Airway is designed and manufactured to revolutionise your examination, diagnosis and treatment process.


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Silica engrained camera chip
German engineered
Battery powered
Laser compatible
  • Diameter  - 9mm
  • Working length - 1.6m
  • Working channel - 2.8 m
  • Titanium, laser compatible distal tip
  • Battery life - 6 hours, mains power back up supply
  • Portable battery - Battery insufflator for uterine work
  • Weight - 9KG (including case)
  • Silica engrained camera chip to prevent costly repair bills from moisture ingress
  • New hand luggage size
  • 27 inch touchscreen available for use in clinic
  • Touch screen with QWERTY keyboard
  • Laser cordectomy
  • Laser Hobday
  • Tracheal Wash
  • Guttural pouch chondroid investigation
  • Larynx Examination
  • Broncho Bi-Furcation examination
  • Sinoscopy
  • Uterine cysts and adhesions
  • Epiglottic entrapment and resection
  • Laser soft palate
  • Ethmoid Haematoma

MEDVos (MEDView Operating System)


  • Split screen software allowing real time comparison against previous examinations
  • Instant wireless access to image and videos on iPhone/smartphone, instantly share by Whatsapp/email
  • The ability to save the above comparison to include in veterinary reports
  • Microchip reader compatible
  • Wifi enabled for live stream to iPhone/iPad/Smart device/Smart TV
  • Live recording timer with text overlay
  • Freeze frame functionality
  • Single button image/recording functionality from control body
  • Optional integration of Practice logo watermark
  • Please note all MEDView Endoscopes run on the MEDVos software 
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