Software especially designed for equine vet

We utilise customer feedback and industry-specific expertise


All of our products are built with the end user in mind by utilising feedback and expertise. We work with trusted Swiss, German and Finnish manufacturing partners who are aligned with our desire to offer superb build quality.

This means fantastic clinical results, image quality, resilience and longevity. We want you to experience the same image quality and performance on day 1 as day 501, for example.

Our technology - including our MEDView operating software MEDVos - has helped veterinary practices work more efficiently and effectively with multiple application possibilities.

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Touchscreen, HDMI Pro box & Trolley
Equipment for use in your veterinary clinic or hospital

Use your MEDView scopes in a clinic environment and view footage on our 27-inch touch screen.

The HDMI Pro box casts the imagery through to the screen, giving you superb image quality and the ability to present your diagnosis and treatment to colleagues or customers.

Whether you have one scope from us or the full range, our MEDView trolley allows you to store and interchange equipment to work efficiently and effectively. 



MEDView iHub and Endoscopy Equipment
Portable and reliable equipment for treatment while on the road

Size, weight and battery life have all been considered for full portability while on call outs visiting customers. 

The MEDView equipment is easily assembled and means you can offer the same great service that you offer at your practice while out on the road. 

Utilise bluetooth or WIFI connectivity to share footage across devices. The Patient ID can be entered on the MEDView iHUB enabling you to integrate clinical images with your Practice Management System.