The powerful MEDVos Software gives you full compatibility across MEDView equipment.

This means...

  • You and your team only need to learn one system
  • You get full efficiency and integration whether you're working in a practice setting or on the road
  • You can quickly navigate between different scopes if you're doing multiple examinations

It saves you time and frustration when compared to switching between multiple pieces of equipment and platforms.

The MEDView Endoscopy Scopes...


The MEDVos Operating Software powers our Gastro, Airway and Dental Scopes. Click the relevant product below for more information about the features of our MEDView scopes.

Get in touch with us for a demonstration and bespoke proposal based on multiple pieces of equipment.

Features for veterinary clinic or hospital

The MEDVos software allows you to cast footage from your scope to touchscreen via the MEDView HDMI Pro Box.

  • You can see split screen comparisons in superb quality on the big screen and instantly distribute footage to a mobile or tablet.  
  • There's a single-click recording functionality and you will see a live recording timer with text overlay.
  • You can add a practice logo watermark to brand the footage before distribution.
Features for vets out on the road

This gives you superb image quality for examination, diagnosis and treatment while out on the road.

  • Compare footage side by side for comparison pre and post treatment
  • Take freeze-frame photos
  • Instantly distribute footage to a phone or tablet and share via your WhatsApp/Email
  • Microchip reader compatibility allows for easy identification on footage 
  • Single-click record on the MEDView iHub 
  • Integrate to popular Practice Management Systems / PACS including easyVET, Eclipse etc.
  • Add a practice logo watermark to brand the footage before distribution.
Whether you're interested in one part of the MEDView range or interested in how the equipment can perform together, get in touch with us and we can answer any questions and tell you more about the range.