MEDView Dental scope


We now provide a 5-year warranty with our equipment and have two service plans to choose from based on your usage.


Our dental scope has a light output of 50 lumen making it the brightest on the market. Together with a 70 degree angle of view, a 90 degree field of view and a flush channel, makes this endoscope the market leader.

  • Market leading image quality and auto focus, particularly useful when examining an alveolus after extraction or deep periodontal pockets associated with diastemata
  • Fingertip, 320 degree rotation, high degree of manoeuvrability
  • Can be used with iHub for portable diagnostics or MEDView imaging trolley for complex extractions in clinic


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Don't get left behind - having the best equipment can be the difference between stagnation and growth. Financing is available to make high-quality endoscopes accessible from the outset. Simply enquire with our team. 

Hand luggage size
Battery powered
Microchip reader compatible
German engineered
  • Luer flushing channel, available with footswitch flush option
  • 70 degree angle
  • 90 degree field of view
  • 10mm outer diameter
  • 320 degree rotatable
  • Full HD CMOS video
  • 45cm length, plus handle
  • Integrated twin LED light source, 40 lumen output
  • Auto focusing camera
  • Integrated image/video capture button
  • Examination of the occlusal, lingual (palatal) and buccal surfaces of all cheek teeth rows
  • Examination of cheek teeth abnormalities
  • Sharp enamel edges
  • Focal overgrowths
  • Fissure fractures
  • Diastemata
  • Infundibular hypoplasia/caries
  • Tooth extractions

MEDVos (MEDView operating software) 


  • Split screen software allowing real time comparison against previous examinations
  • Instant wireless access to image and videos on iPhone/smartphone, instantly share by Whatsapp/email
  • The ability to save the above comparison to include in veterinary reports
  • Microchip reader compatible
  • Wifi enabled for live stream to iPhone/iPad/Smart device/Smart TV
  • Touch screen with QWERTY keyboard
  • Live recording timer with text overlay
  • Freeze frame functionality
  • Single button image/recording functionality from control body
  • Optional integration of Practice logo watermark