At MED Equus, we provide comprehensive on-site and virtual clinical training and our handy “tips and tricks” will leave you with full confidence in your equipment. 

When we supply equipment, we like to make sure that our customers can use it in the best possible way for equine diagnosis and treatment. We do this by providing demonstrations, on-site or virtual training, and pre-recorded user-videos (E-learning). We like to think this is one of the aspects that makes us different to other suppliers as we’re by your side to advise and assist you with your equipment on an ongoing basis. 

Our Training

We're diligent in training and demonstrations to help you get the best results from your equipment.

  • Virtual training available over video call
  • On-site training available (subject to COVID restrictions and guidance)
  • Comprehensive user videos showing you how to perform a range of functions with your equipment
  • Our e-learning portal gives you access to a range of user videos to refresh your knowledge