MEDView DV2-X Airway scope

The entry-level racetrack equine endoscope

We now provide 5 years warranty with our equipment and have two service plans to choose from based on your usage.

Designed to fully deliver for racecourse or ambulatory vets. Part of the new DVX-Series of scoping equipment, the DV2-X is the principal endoscope balancing cost-effectiveness with resilience and image quality.

  • 1.2kg in weight and hand luggage size
  • Car USB charger enabling you to charge on the go
  • Up to 6 hours battery life
  • Easy guttural pouch entry
  • 5-minute full disinfection

Financing is available to make high-quality endoscopes accessible from the outset. Simply enquire with our team.

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German Engineered
5 minute full clean
Up to 6 hours battery life
  • Outer diameter: 9mm
  • Length: 1.6m
  • 2.8mm working channel
  • Biopsy channel: 2.8mm optional
  • Precision German engineering
  • Up to 6 hours battery life 
  • 4.5 inch touch screen
  • Silica engrained camera chip
  • 4 way angulation/working channel
  • Scope weight inc case: 4.9kg
  • Larynx evaluation
  • Tracheal washing
  • Brocho bi-furcation examination
  • Guttural pouch examination

A typical veterinary practice will carry out 2x endoscopic examinations a week, this could include a guttural pouch flush, tracheal wash, larynx evaluation or reproductive exam.

Based on just 2 examinations a week, it would take just 12 months to pay for a complete MEDView DV2-X scope system. Contact our team for finance options. 

With features that allow you to work quickly and effectively - can you afford not to have one?