MEDView Dynamic


We now provide a 5-year warranty with our equipment and have two service plans to choose from based on your usage.


The smallest dynamic scope on the market. 

Our latest last innovation for the MEDView Endoscopy range. The 9mm diameter with 4-way deflecting makes it the smallest dynamic scope on the market and enables easy passing into any size of horse. The durable, titanium semi-flex section ensures optimum stability for every equine discipline. 

The flush on the scope will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence meaning it flushes only when the image is not diagnostic. It also has a unique aspirating function which removes the previously problematic "bubbling" on the video.

9mm diameter
A.I timed and controlled flush
Titanium semi-flex
Custom bridle and saddle pad for all breeds
  • Outer diameter: 9mm
  • 4 way angulation
  • Length: 2.3m
  • Biopsy channel: 2.8mm 
  • Image: Ultra HD
  • Flush channel: 1mm
  • Battery life: 6 hours, mains power back up supply
  • Wifi: Built in Wifi
  • Bluetooth: Built in Bluetooth
  • Precision German engineering
  • Integrated text overlay
  • Hand luggage size-total weight of just 9kg (including case), Saddle pad (6kg)
  • Silica engrained camera chip
  • Ultra HD camera chip
  • Overground endoscopy 
  • Upper respiratory endoscopy