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Calculate your return on investment

When making a purchasing decision, return on investment will be one of your top priorities. This is why we have create return on investment calculators for our MEDView DV Gastro and MEDView DV3 Airway equine endoscopes. 


Work out the return on investment

The MEDView DV Gastro

The MEDView DV Gastro calculator takes into account the cost and sale price of a tube of ulcer treatment, the typical number of tubes per case, the number of cases per month, the charge-out cost to your customer (excl. sedation) and the average percentage of horses needing rescoping. 

Click here to access the Gastroscope ROI Calculator.

The MEDView DV3 Airway

The MEDView DV3 Airway calculator takes into account how many of the following cases you see each month and the average charge-out - Upper Airway, BAL/Trach wash, Guttural pouch, Reproductive, Surgical procedures and Sinoscopy. 

Click here to access the Airway ROI Calculator.

Don't forget about the one software system for full efficiency 


We recognise that your time is valuable. It's your greatest resource but it can also be limited.

Our return on investment calculators don't take into account the fact that both pieces of equipment are portable, lightweight and battery-powered. The scopes are both run on the same software system - MEDVos - and use the same imaging platform - the MEDView iHUB. Both pieces of equipment have also been designed to be quickly set up, used, dismantled and cleaned.

These aspects were all essential features in our design and manufacturing process to help you maximise your time. This means you can examine and treat more cases with no compromise to the quality of your service. 

Contact us today to talk about your practice and requirements.

We can provide real-life examples of how practices similar to yours get maximum return on investment and we can put together a bespoke proposal based on your practice and usage.