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How the MEDView DV Pro Series has evolved 


Through research and discussion with experts and professionals, we've designed a product that is bespoke and efficient for equine clinicians.

With that in mind, our new portable MEDView iHub was developed so that only one imaging platform is needed for all your endoscopy needs. Making it revolutionary and the first of its kind.

Taking travel into consideration, we wanted to create a product that was lightweight (only 9kg including case) and compact. Its hand luggage size is practical for travel and fits easily in a confined space.

The 6 hour battery life enables vets to scope mains-free and it can then be charged via the mains back at the clinic. With all the equipment in just one case, it saves time with a proficient set up and examination done in just 30 minutes.

Software & 27" Touchscreen

One software platform across our endoscopy series that can be shared on a smart phone in seconds. With the latest state of the art camera chip technology, ULTRA HD images and videos are of the highest quality in endoscopy. The detail and clarity seen are second to none, never has this superior imagery been developed before.

With the MEDView DV iHub, there is an optional 27" touchscreen with multiple configurations for the DV Gastro, DV Airway or DV Dental. This is beneficial for clinic based vets, training or client evenings.

Quick & Easy Set Up

We've made our new MEDView DV Gastro portable, quick and straightforward to assemble. One vet can set up, perform an examination and clean in under 30 minutes. As a practice, you can work efficiently and do more in less time.

Set up is easy using the specially designed clamps which can be attached to the scope case handle or a stable door. It's practical to scope in numerous environments suited to your needs, whether you're in the clinic or on a yard.

Cleaning can be done in 5 minutes - using unique disinfectant wipes and a custom-made one way valve system - all disinfected ready to visit your next client.