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Continuing our sponsorship of Vets with Horsepower


We're pleased to announce that we're continuing our sponsorship of Vets with Horsepower.

We've been sponsoring the group for over 4 years. This ongoing partnership is one we're really proud of.  All money they raise goes direct to good causes.

Vets with Horsepower are a group of well-established equine vets and lecturers who give up their time and skills to provide CPD lectures to other equine vets. In doing so, they raise vital funds for charity. 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 their in person tour has had to be postponed. Instead, they are hosing a virtual event for vets worldwide. The event will run for 25 hours (continuously!) with a live set of 30 lectures. They recognise that despite a pandemic, the supported charities continually need to raise money to function. It's difficult for them to raise sufficient funds in normal circumstances, let alone the current situation that we're in. 

You can find out more and see the talk schedule for the event here.

Visit the Vets with Horsepower website to see the team and find out more about what they do.